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Manifesto 22

  1. We completely accept and include everyone no matter their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, age, identity, ability, neurodiversity and will embrace and support them for who they are. We will work together to ensure all are treated with respect. We demand greater positive change towards equality.
  2. We believe that in a fair society there should be no poverty and demand change. 
  3. We believe the natural and physical environment should always be considered in every aspect of decision making. This includes people, buildings, surroundings. We take responsibility for ourselves individually and for the collective need. Collective solutions that address over population are needed.
  4. We promote community and our chosen families and values.
  5. We believe there should be access to creatives spaces. We value the arts for community and individual well-being. Arts is a medium to generate and/or initiate change and as a voice to highlight the need.
  6. We believe that Social Media can add excess pressure to its users including bullying and mental health issues. To combat this we think that these pressures should be more acknowledged and transparent to others. Influencers are not always a positive thing. Social media platforms should have robust ethical policies and be held accountable. Social media should be secure for everyone.
  7. We value the planet and all that it gives us. We need to work to restore the damage that has been done to the planet. We believe that education for all is key to ensuring the change that is needed.
  8. We believe we have no right to aim to live on another planet until the Earth is restored.
  9. We believe everyone should reflect on the part they have played in making our world the way it is and we should now all, as a community, work on making it better.
  10. We believe that the time for talking is done, it is now time for action. We want to move away from hierarchical structures. We suggest that intergenerational (younger children to older people) and diverse voice committees should be formed within the community to forward on thoughts and beliefs to decision makers.
  11. You don’t  know what’s around the corner. Be kind!
13 Apr 2021
Intergenerational group of Dundonians

Manifesto 21

  1. We value and embrace the Highlands – its culture, heritage and traditions. We respect this landscape and environment. We listen and learn the tales of the Highlands.
  2. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard. We are open to listening and empathising.
  3. We commit to developing a culture of inclusion in the Highlands – at a personal and institutional level.
  4. We commit to being advocates for positive change; to use our power to challenge things that are oppressive; to influence complex intersectional issues around identity and intolerance.
  5. We want to nurture an environment where we encourage more awareness and visibility of different life choices and identities.
  6. We want to understand and celebrate our differences – and our common humanity – that is here in the Highlands already – and to prepare for increasing future diversity. 
  7. We will create spaces for people to encounter difference.
  8. We recognise that processes of change take time and are fluid.
  9. We invite conversations that open up possibilities …
25 Mar 2021
Highland artists
21 Gaelic

Manifesto 21 Gaelic


  1. Cuireamaid luach air Ghàidhealtachd is gabhamaid gu teann rithe – a cultar, dualchas is traidisein. Tha meas againn air an dreach-tìre ‘s an àrainneachd seo. Bidh sinn a’ toirt feart air na sgeulachdan agus ag ionnsachadh bhuapa.
  2. Creididh sinn gu bheil an ceart aig a h-uile neach air èisteachd. Tha sinn fosgailte ri èisteachd is co-fhaireachdainn.
  3. Tha sinn dealasach gun tèid cultar com-pàirteachais a thoirt air adhart air Ghàidhealtachd – aig ìre phearsanta agus bhunaiteach.
  4. Tha sinn dealasach air a bhith nar luchd-tagraidh airson atharrachadh dearfach; a bhith a’ cleachdadh ar cumhachd gus dol an aghaidh ainneirt; gus buaidh a thoirt air ceistean imfhillte a thaobh dearbh-aithne agus neo-fhulangas.
  5. Tha sinn ag iarraidh àrainneachd a chruthachadh far am bi sinn a’ brosnachadh barrachd aire is mothachaidh a thaobh rogha-beatha is fèineachd.
  6. Tha sinn ag iarraidh ar diofraichean a thuigsinn agus a cheilearadh – agus ar co-dhaonnachd – rudan a tha air Ghàidhealtachd mar tha – agus ullachadh airson barrachd iomadachd san tìde ri teachd.
  7. Cruthaichidh sinn ionadan do dhaoine gus coinneachadh ri diofraichean.
  8. Aithnichidh sinn gun toir pròiseas an atharrachaidh tìde agus gu bheil seo mar rud a ghluaiseas air adhart gu mall uaireannan.
  9. Cuiridh sinn fàilte ri cainnt is còmhradh a dh’fhosglas na ghabhas dèanamh …
25 Mar 2021
Luchd-ealain na Gàidhealtchd

Manifesto 20

  1. We think that mental ill health should be approached and treated the same way as physical ill health. Depression can be as serious as cancer.
  2. There should be greater understanding of mental illness across the board – including in work places, shops, public services and other environments.
  3. There should be investment in mental health training in the workplace – for mental health first aiders and advocates who can work with their colleagues and their service users. 
  4. We feel that people should be kinder to each other. Everyone should show care and compassion to others in the community.
  5. We believe there should be equality in all things regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic circumstances. There should be opportunities for everyone to flourish.
  6. Arts and culture should be valued in our society and made accessible to all.
  7. There should be consistent and ongoing funding opportunities for the arts.
  8. We acknowledge the fact that technology exists to allow us to connect virtually with our teams, friends and family. We believe that everyone should have access to technology to allow equality of information and opportunity.
  9. We think that everyone should have access to safe spaces and environments, in the work place, online and in their personal lives.
19 Mar 2021
Platform Singers

Manifesto 19

  1. It’s a really tough moment right now. We need to look after each other’s mental health. We will look for ways to support each other.
  2. Male mental health should be discussed more openly.
  3. Covid has made some people greedy – exploiting others in times of hardship. We believe that everyone, including businesses, have a duty to take care of each other in these times.
  4. We see that food businesses are doing very well in the pandemic due to the support that they have received from local communities. We really appreciate businesses who have shown support to the community in the pandemic and would like thriving businesses to offer concrete support to the vulnerable in the community.
  5. Government should work with energy companies and data providers to agree a scheme of low budget tariffs – a discounted tariff because everyone is at home and having to spend more on energy.
  6. Government should increase budgets for local councils. This can be used for creating jobs and improving the local environment.
  7. Rents should be frozen throughout the pandemic.
  8. If companies want their employees to work from home the company should contribute to their expenses for this.
17 Mar 2021
St Albert's Community Parent Council

Manifesto 18

  1. Life should be the subject of the economy.
  2. We believe that human beings have inherent value outwith their capacity to produce.
  3. We believe that society being rich should not be measured monetarily but in the creative diversity of people’s contributions.
  4. We believe that centres of power need to acknowledge that humans require more than their basic physiological needs to thrive and act on it. Those include a community, emotional wellbeing, creativity and a social support network.
  5. We believe that centralised power has a responsibility to prioritise the wellbeing of their citizens above everything else. Kindness and compassion should be the foundation of all societal structures.
  6. We believe that change can happen from the places where life is lived. This can include kitchens and living rooms and other everyday places of connectivity.
  7. We believe that change comes from living the lives we want and building outwards.
  8. We believe that change comes from real people talking to and caring for each other.
  9. We believe that there needs to be a radical re-examination of the concept of work that is more inclusive of the infinite number of activities that have value that humans can engage in.
  10. Using this more inclusive concept of work, we believe that work can be joyful, work can be playful, work can be creative, emotional contributions are work and must have rest as a counterpoint. 
  11. All people, especially women, should not have to buy themselves time in order to have a joyful existence.
  12. We believe that the pursuit of joy and creativity through play are absolutely essential to every human’s actualisation and that any economy should facilitate and allow opportunity for that pursuit.
  13. We believe that rest is essential. 
6 Mar 2021
Swap Market community and Feminist Exchange Network

Manifesto 17

  1. We must create a community that is inclusive and kind.
  2. We require that everyone cares for the planet in an environmentally friendly way for future generations to enjoy.
  3. We must be responsible consumers.
  4. Animals and plants deserve care just as humans do.
  5. We will look after ourselves, so that we have the energy to support other people. 
  6. We must support and listen to others. We must help others. People deserve a second chance.
  7. We demand equality across gender, religion, age, race. Everyone is unique and is entitled to be treated equally.
  8. We must be committed to causes we believe in and bring our enthusiasm to every task we do.
  9. We are strong, intelligent, confident, independent, responsible and GREAT! 
  10. Resilience is our middle name. We are empowered to make a difference.
19 Feb 2021
Children from St Albert's Community Pollokshields

Manifesto 16

  1. Another world is possible. One which is anti-racist, protects the environment, believes in tolerance, where all sentient beings matter, which nurtures creativity and gives us the tools to build our futures.
  2. We deserve a world in which there is a level playing field for all. Kindness and compassion has to be at the heart of any movement that seeks fairness and justice in society.
  3. We demand an education that acknowledges and celebrates all. An education that teaches the horrors of Britain’s colonial past, that celebrates the everyday folk who contribute to bringing about positive change – as well as the commonwealth citizens and early migrants who helped rebuild Britain after a war that crippled this country.
  4. We demand a system which sees grassroots activity as facilitating real social change.
  5. Diversity should be meaningful and helpful – especially for those who are in the minorities. Our politics, our media and our society should be representative of all individuals so that none are sidelined or silenced.
  6. Divisive language which is used to discriminate or diminish a person’s worth should be removed from places of work, governance and society.
  7. We should address equity with positive action when we demand equality!
  8. Our judicial system should be built on systems of equity and fairness – not one that privileges the powerful and rich.
  9. There is no denying that racism exists! We have to challenge it at every turn! Zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in all its forms!
15 Feb 2021
The Community Architects of Pollokshields and Govanhill
16 Urdu

Manifesto 16 Urdu

مینی فیسٹو  16

ایک نئی دنیا کی تعمیر ممکن ہے ۔ایک ایسی دنیا جو رنگ و نسل کے تعصبات سے آزاد ہو۔ جہاں قدرتی ماحول کا تحفظ کیا جائے ۔ جہاں تحمل اور بردباری ہو۔ جہاں ہر ذی روح کو عزت و تکریم حاصل ہو۔ ایک ایسی دنیا جہاں سب کی تخلیقی صلاحیتیں پروان چڑھیں اور جو ہمیں اپنے مستقبل کو تعمیر کرنے کا ہنر سکھائے۔

ہمارا حق ہے کہ ہم ایک ایسے معاشرہ میں رہیں جو انصاف کے اصولوں پر قائم ہو. ہر وہ تحریک جو معاشرہ میں انصاف اور برابری کے اصولوں کو قائم کرنے کی خواہاں ہے، اسے رحم دلی اور ہمدردی کے جذبات کو اپنانا ہوگا۔

ہمارا مطالبہ ہے کہ ہمارا تعلیمی نظام تمام انسانوں کو برابری اور عزت کا مقام دے۔ ایسا تعلیمی نظام جو برطانیہ کے نوآبادیاتی نظام کی تباہ کاریوں کے بارے میں پڑھائے۔ہم ایسی تعلیم چاہتے ہیں جو عام آدمی کے کردار کو سراہے جو معاشرہ میں مثبت تبدیلی لانے کے لیے اپنا کردار ادا کر رہا ہے۔ ہمیں دولت مشترکہ سے آئے ہوئے شہریوں اور دوسرے مہاجرین کے کردار کو سراہنا ہوگا  جنہوں نے دوسری عالمی جنگ میں تباہ شدہ برطانیہ کی تعمیر نو میں اپنا حصہ ڈالا۔

ہم ایک ایسے نظام کا مطالبہ کرتے ہیں جو معاشرہ میں جاری بنیادی سطح پر ہونے والے کاموں کو بھی حقیقی سماجی تبدیلی لانے میں کارگر سمجھے۔

معاشرہ میں تنوع نہ صرف بامعنی ہونا چاہیے بلکہ مددگار بھی، خصوصا اقلیتوں کے لئے۔ ہماری سیاست ، ہمارے ذرائع ابلاغ اور ہمارے سماج کو ہر طبقہ کی نمائندگی کرنی چاہیے تاکہ کوئی بھی طبقہ خود کو سماج سے کٹا ہوا یا دوسروں سے دبا ہوا محسوس نہ کرے۔

ایسی زبان یا الفاظ جو لوگوں میں تقسیم پیدا کریں، جانبداری کا مظاہرہ کریں یا ان کی تحقیر کا باعث بنیں، ایسی زبان کو کاروبار زندگی، سیاست اور معاشرت سے ختم کیا جانا چاہئے۔

اگر ہم اپنے معاشرہ میں برابری کے نظام کو نافذ کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو ہمیں انصاف کے اصولوں پر عمل پیرا ہونا پڑے گا.

ہمارا عدالتی نظام، انصاف اور غیرجانبداری کی بنیادوں پر استوار ہونا چاہیے، نہ کہ ایسا نظام جو طاقتوروں اور دولتمندوں کا سہولت کار ہو۔

ہمیں اس سے انکار نہیں کہ نسلی تعصب ہمارے سماج میں موجود ہے .اس لیے ہمیں اس تعصب کا مقابلہ کرنا ہے. نسلی تعصب اور جانبداری کی روایات سے کوئی سمجھوتہ نہیں کیا جائے گا. ہم ان کا ڈٹ کر مقابلہ کریں گے

15 Feb 2021
 کمیونٹی آرکیٹیکٹس آف پولک شیلڈ اینڈ گون ہل

Manifesto 15

  1. People must stop littering.
  2. People need to reduce emissions any way we can.
  3. Make sure there’s peace and love all over the Earth.
  4. We believe there should be more awareness and action against environmental racism.
  5. Cars and public transport should be more eco-friendly.
  6. The world should be fair and everyone should have what they need. If you worked very hard you could get something that was important to you like a favourite pet.
  7. It should be easier for less fortunate people to live.
  8. Everyone deserves a Universal Basic Income.
  9. Everyone should have free healthcare. If they get sick, everyone should be able to go to someone where they could get better.
  10. There should be human rights everywhere.
  11. We want LBGTI+ and gender non-conforming people to be accepted as normal people, and that they would face no discrimination because of their sexuality or gender.
  12. We believe that all genders should be treated as equals.
  13. We want Covid to disappear.
21 Jan 2021
The young ones from Woodcraft Folk Scotland

Manifesto 14

  1. We need to take responsibility for our own actions – in Covid times – and all the time. 
  2. We need to look out for each other and protect each other no matter what.
  3. Children should be taught in schools that everyone is equal irrespective of ethnicity and gender.
  4. Our government is lacking. We are a wealthy nation. No-one should be living in poverty.
  5. There should be more discussion about global poverty. 
  6. Causing harm to one person causes suffering to many. Society should support victims of crime and should rehabilitate offenders.
  7. Kindness is a valued action and should be shown towards others especially in difficult circumstances.
  8. Be a friend! Friendship is a great help and comfort in difficult times – and all the time.
14 Dec 2020
Clack and Yac at Platform

Manifesto 13

  1. We believe that everyone should be treated the same way without preferential treatment – especially in the workplace.
  2. We believe in zero tolerance to racial or other discrimination in workplaces and any public environment.
  3. We demand that there be safe spaces for children – and for all people – to be heard and not judged.
  4. Schools should have committees set up made up of teachers, parents and students to tackle bullying.
  5. Everybody should have the right to flexible working hours.
  6. Wider society should value the arts more as a vital form of communication.
  7. We demand more investment in local community centres – because they foster community and will make people feel more welcome.
  8. We personally will make sure to welcome all people.
  9. We need to appreciate that art and culture are essential parts of community forming and that they forge inter-personal bonds.
  10. Work opportunities should be available for young people and adults regardless of their qualifications.
14 Dec 2020
HWHIN a women's group at Platform

Manifesto 12

  1. We demand that our basic Rights be enshrined in law – enforceable and accountable.
  2. The government should be in service to the people.
  3. We demand protection for all.
  4. We won’t be kind/polite just because you tell us to.
  5. We will  aim to be more compassionate.
  6. We will not allow people to be disposed of.
  7. We must reassess global food production and local consumption.
  8. We believe that when all people’s rights are met society reaps the benefit.
  9. The only thing we will sanitize is our hands – not our minds – not our opinions.
  10. No one will ever take away our hope.
  11. We fight for the right to party.
  12. Living breathing life MUST NOT be used as a pawn in a game of power.
  13. Everybody counts.
  14. We will not let you deport people who are homeless.
  15. We will not be divided.
9 Dec 2020
Women's Creative Company

Manifesto 11

  1. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being – and we respect individual autonomy in all aspects of life including but not limited to  physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.
  2. We affirm and believe that every living being has a right to flourish and be treated with respect, the right to having basic needs met including a connection to the natural world.
  3. We affirm and believe that every living being has a right to an opportunity to express their story – and most importantly to repair, acknowledging the damage that colonialism has done and learning how to shift away from thinking that there is a ‘manifest destiny’.
  4. We recognise and respect the individual needs of each person and their place within the larger community.  We commit to supporting each other as part of that community recognising our diversity as a strength.
  5. We recognise the greater damage to the ecological system caused by economic and political exploitation, and commit to engaging with practices that provide a sustainable and equitable future for all.
7 Dec 2020
Woodlands Community Glasgow

Manifesto 10

  1. We should learn to communicate with nature.
  2. We should learn to communicate with animals.
  3. Humans are not superior to animals.
  4. People should be able to wash their hands correctly and have towel implants in their wrists – and should wash their feet too.
  5. People should communicate more – not just on phones.
  6. People should not burp in class.
  7. Everyone should have a companion – always – to help them. We need friends.
  8. There should be no robberies at all.
  9. Everyone should have the right to their human rights.
  10. Homework should be limited – if not begone completely.
  11. Every 5 hours there should be a fun activity for your brain and yourself.
30 Nov 2020
Creation Station Performance Group (8-12 years) Platform

Manifesto 9

We’d like to move between and beyond worlds of art, so we can address each other and a larger public

  1. This is a historic moment, yet people are trying to be normal
  2. Let’s envision what we want and transform vision into action
  3. We will assert our right to slow down – taking time for individual and collective wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet
  4. We will transform our systems of living, working, extracting, consuming, ravaging, destroying, avoiding, denying
  5. We will strive to ensure that everyone – as well as our environment – is cared for and valued, and that we move towards a more equal and just society
  6. We want to act collectively, welcoming everyone’s strengths, skills and perspectives
  7. Or just…
30 Jul 2020
Creative Carbon Scotland

Manifesto 8

  1. We are a part of nature.
  2. We need to connect with soil, seasons, place, culture and history.
  3. We long for everyone to feel deeply connected to the natural world within their local and our global environment.
  4. We believe everybody should be able to live well and happy lives – sustainably.
  5. We need to find new ways to engage more widely – recognising that many people don’t have the time, emotional space or energy to engage.
  6. We need shared enabling spaces to listen to the stories and voices we haven’t heard yet.
  7. We need to enrich our ways of communicating to include the language of pictures and of the heart.
  8. Everyone should be able to have meaningful input to decisions which are about how they live their lives.
  9. We need to talk about consumption and what makes us happy.
29 Jul 2020
Creative Carbon Scotland

Manifesto 7

  1. We demand that all humans, all species should be valued and provided nurturing in order that they can thrive, including access to safe and green spaces, clean air and water.
  2. We demand a society that does not pit the welfare of individual humans and the welfare of planetary ecosystems against each other and require a shift from a scarcity model to one of reciprocity.
  3. We demand prioritisation of the wellbeing and sustainability of workers and communities. This requires an end to narratives of constant growth and a re-evaluation of what our goals as individuals and societies can be.
  4. We demand global truth and reconciliation councils and opportunities to educate ourselves in order to repair our history of extractivism of people and planet.
  5. We demand a world where creative led and community focused initiatives are the drivers for change.
  6. We demand investment in safe green travel solutions.
  7. We demand investment in education which highlights the need to live within the planetary boundaries.
  8. We acknowledge neither borders between nations nor between species.
28 Jul 2020
Creative Carbon Scotland

Manifesto 6

  1. Let us appreciate the things we don’t understand and don’t know. Let us embrace uncertainty.
  2. ________________
  3. We demand clean air for everyone to breathe.
  4. ___________________
  5. We will build, develop and sustain more compassion and consideration for others.
  6. We will dismantle toxic hierarchies, find new ways to value work, and people, and property. We refuse to let people suffer for the economy.
  7. We will redefine productivity and success.
  8. We will strive to ensure our relationships are accessible and inclusive.
  9. We will reshape our language to create and hold space for different perspectives and challenge power relations.
  10. Let us acknowledge our core values, and be willing to question and shift them.
3 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Manifesto 5

  1. No-one should experience discrimination in access to health-care services.
  2. Radical new solutions like housing the homeless community should be maintained.
  3. A new economic model should be explored – write off personal debts, introduce universal basic income, fairer taxation.
  4. We will make space in our lives to do meaningful things and create positive impact.
  5. We will have the freedom to be creative.
  6. We will demand a better and fairer society.
  7. We will listen to each other. We will stay open and learning.
  8. We will make connection happen in the face of adversity. We will stay connected to our communities both local and global.
  9. We will live a simpler life. We will challenge our own sense of busy. We will slow down for ourselves and others.
  10. We won’t return to ‘normal’. We will do better.
3 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Manifesto 4

  1. We will be collectively accountable for our future.
  2. We choose to redefine “security” to be the following things: emotional safety, unconditional basic income, and universal healthcare.
  3. We embrace darkness and complexity in our struggles.
  4. We will strive to eradicate structures of inequality. We acknowledge our complicity within them.
2 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Manifesto 3

  1. We will build a caring society that has a universal basic income for all.
  2. We will build a culture of equality and sustainability to tackle the precariousness of our work and our world.
  3. We’ll nurture our friendships.
  4. We’ll connect and listen.
  5. We will stay politically engaged.
  6. We will have access to healthy, good quality, and sustainable food.
  7. We will respect different habits and modes of being.
2 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Manifesto 2

We are an arbitrary group of people who offer a form of consensus around what humanity may be able to do on local and global levels in response to the current crisis.

  1. We believe this is a moment to reflect on our individual and collective responsibilities and change our relationship to each other and the society.
  2. We believe that there should be more resources to support people’s mental and physical health.
  3. From this radical shared experience – the virus – we want to grow sensitive to other, less visible, shared experiences – to encourage those who are comfortable to empathise with those who are harmed.
  4. We believe that there is an urgent need to enact our humanity by generating shared, equal, nonjudgmental spaces of social, cultural, and political exchange.
  5. We believe we must foster safety for all, via acceptance, access.
  6. We believe we must expand our periphery, seeing limits as opportunities, and acknowledging our existing privileges in doing so.
  7. If we take the term “apocalypse” at its root definition as an “unveiling” or a “revealing of what could not be seen before”, rather than just ignoring what has been revealed, we must not only acknowledge it, but act, and make something new.
  8. We believe that this current crisis offers an opportunity to raise awareness of global interconnectivity, and to negotiate new ways to live in relation to one another and to the environment.
1 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Manifesto 1

  1. A world that respects human and animal and planetary sovereignty that isn’t ruled by the scared terrified pursuit of a thing that we’ve made up – money.
  2. Establish free, high quality, culturally safe and appropriate healthcare for all people globally.
  3. Introduce a liveable, constant, universal basic income for all peoples of adult age which is to be used at the discretion of the recipient.
  4. We will foster a greater sense of community and build strong systems to protect each other.
  5. We respect each other’s time and talents. Work and labour shall be undertaken at a human pace.
  6. We want a new economic model that works for everyone. The model should benefit the entire community, including our collective descendants. Human and animal dignity, safety and agency should be preserved or enhanced by the economy.
  7. An end to violence.
1 May 2020
GIFT - Gateshead International Festival of Theatre