MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS was conceived during the outbreak of the global pandemic coronaviruses (COVID-19) in early 2020 – a time of great uncertainty about what is happening and where we are heading… The project reaches across cultural, civic and community contexts, to gather and connect groups of people who create their own Manifestos – collective visions for all our futures!!

As the pandemic continues there is an awakening to the realisation that we are all connected. That this pandemic touches all life. That it does not touch equally. It has exposed the fragilities and inequities of our present national and global structures. Has highlighted our need for connection with those who are physically close. And has increased communication and feelings of commonality across boundaries and borders at a global level. As the repercussions of the pandemic continue, as it coalesces with the multiple political, social and ecological crisis of early 21 century – there is an urgency to rethink how we are living … and to ask how we want to continue …

Gathering people across differences and distances, the project is an ever-accumulating collection of Manifestos … a polyphony of voices … envisioning now … and calling for … a world we want to be living in …

What’s a Manifesto?
A public declaration of beliefs, values and intentions – usually a number of statements presented as a list.

How it works
For the time being each Manifesto-making event operates on the online platform Zoom. Some in person events may become possible subject to guidance on social distancing measures. Up to 10 people take part in an event. Participants are each invited to bring a concern they have about how things are happening at this time. The conversation begins with these concerns. Through a facilitated process of consensual decision-making involving whole group discussion, and some time in smaller groups of 3 or 4 people, the group moves towards their MANIFESTO from times of CRISIS – their collective vision for a world we want to be living in.

Rosanna Irvine – Concept, lead artist and facilitator
Rosanna is an artist and choreographer working across performance, installation and participatory public art.

Sapna Agarwal – Facilitator
Sapna is an educator and community organiser based in Glasgow.

Suzy Glass – Executive producer
Suzy is an independent Producer and Cultural Consultant working across the art, design and media sectors.

Neil Scott – Web design
Neil is a Glasgow based developer and designer who works with artists, cultural and civic organisations as well as private clients.

Supported by
Originally commissioned in 2020 for GIFT: Gateshead International Festival of Theatre