Manifesto 33

An interfaith response to COP26 and the climate crisis

Our planet is in crisis. As people of faith, we believe that

  • Everyone has a right to a healthy environment
  • We must act right now at every level of our society
  • We are part of nature, interconnected and dependent upon it
  • Nature can regenerate itself if humans support this process

Our faiths demand we protect and preserve the earth’s resources and ecosystems, respect all life on earth, and live simply, avoiding greed and over consumption.

We recognise that the climate crisis and injustice are inextricably linked.
Inspired by faith and science we ask governments, businesses and all those in power to:

  1. Learn from traditional ecological knowledge and the sustainable practices of indigenous communities; and to support Indigenous people’s land rights
  2. Stop investment in and subsidy of all fossil fuel energy sources, and to make an urgent and just transition to renewable energy
  3. Transform unsustainable food systems to prioritise local food production, the environment, human health, and animal welfare over profit
  4. Work with communities and civil society to ensure that new jobs are created in a green economy 
  5. Ensure COP26 agrees action that limits global warming to 1.5°C; and agrees a delivery plan for the $100 billion promised annually to the countries experiencing the worst loss and damage due to climate change
  6. Urgently accelerate our work towards zero carbon emissions globally. The obligation on the global north to reach zero carbon emissions quickly is greatest.
  7. Protect and restore the biodiversity of the land and the ocean, and to cease our dumping of hazardous waste into sea, land or air
  8. Protect and restore the world’s forests and stop unnecessary deforestation

We hold ourselves to these standards and ask you to do likewise. 

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Manifesto 26

Beyond Covid – a Manifesto for Mental Health and Belonging in Scotland

  1. We believe in the strength of community where people are not lost. In which isolation can be voluntary but dislocation is not. 
  2. We want funding for activities which create communities that support everyone. We yearn for a welcoming, diverse culture of community that allows each of us to be as we are.
  3. We all have mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health and can be talked about without stigma. 
  4. Mental, physical and emotional health as well as social circumstance all impact our well-being. These should be considered  and supported holistically.
  5. Mental illness must not be shoved in a corner. Funding must not be reduced or reused under mental well-being.
  6. People who have mental ill health incidents should be supported not criminalised.
  7. Everyone’s contribution should be valued. Everyone’s contribution should be heard and acknowledged. We need a new set of tools and systems to enable voices to be heard and to have influence.
  8. Valuing should be reflected in a more equal distribution of wealth ensuring everyone can fully participate in society.  Everyone should have good housing, healthcare, education and social networks.
  9. We resist the negative words that are associated with mental illness. We remember that JOY is out there still. 
  10. Let’s cherish creativity and kindness towards self and others. Creativity is what allows us to express ourselves when we don’t have words or don’t have language.
  11. As we come  out of Covid we’d like to talk – in safe spaces. We demand safe spaces for people to be honest about how they have and haven’t coped with issues that affect them.
  12. We believe in the radical act of stopping and sitting with it. Take time to be still!

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Manifesto 22

  1. We completely accept and include everyone no matter their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, age, identity, ability, neurodiversity and will embrace and support them for who they are. We will work together to ensure all are treated with respect. We demand greater positive change towards equality.
  2. We believe that in a fair society there should be no poverty and demand change. 
  3. We believe the natural and physical environment should always be considered in every aspect of decision making. This includes people, buildings, surroundings. We take responsibility for ourselves individually and for the collective need. Collective solutions that address over population are needed.
  4. We promote community and our chosen families and values.
  5. We believe there should be access to creatives spaces. We value the arts for community and individual well-being. Arts is a medium to generate and/or initiate change and as a voice to highlight the need.
  6. We believe that Social Media can add excess pressure to its users including bullying and mental health issues. To combat this we think that these pressures should be more acknowledged and transparent to others. Influencers are not always a positive thing. Social media platforms should have robust ethical policies and be held accountable. Social media should be secure for everyone.
  7. We value the planet and all that it gives us. We need to work to restore the damage that has been done to the planet. We believe that education for all is key to ensuring the change that is needed.
  8. We believe we have no right to aim to live on another planet until the Earth is restored.
  9. We believe everyone should reflect on the part they have played in making our world the way it is and we should now all, as a community, work on making it better.
  10. We believe that the time for talking is done, it is now time for action. We want to move away from hierarchical structures. We suggest that intergenerational (younger children to older people) and diverse voice committees should be formed within the community to forward on thoughts and beliefs to decision makers.
  11. You don’t  know what’s around the corner. Be kind!

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Manifesto 21 Gaelic

Ubuntu / Daonnachd / Humanity
gu ruige manifesto in-ghabhalach airson na Gàidhealtachd agus nan Eilean

  1. Cuireamaid luach air Ghàidhealtachd is gabhamaid gu teann rithe – a cultar, dualchas is traidisein. Tha meas againn air an dreach-tìre ‘s an àrainneachd seo. Bidh sinn a’ toirt feart air na sgeulachdan agus ag ionnsachadh bhuapa.
  2. Creididh sinn gu bheil an ceart aig a h-uile neach air èisteachd. Tha sinn fosgailte ri èisteachd is co-fhaireachdainn.
  3. Tha sinn dealasach gun tèid cultar com-pàirteachais a thoirt air adhart air Ghàidhealtachd – aig ìre phearsanta agus bhunaiteach.
  4. Tha sinn dealasach air a bhith nar luchd-tagraidh airson atharrachadh dearfach; a bhith a’ cleachdadh ar cumhachd gus dol an aghaidh ainneirt; gus buaidh a thoirt air ceistean imfhillte a thaobh dearbh-aithne agus neo-fhulangas.
  5. Tha sinn ag iarraidh àrainneachd a chruthachadh far am bi sinn a’ brosnachadh barrachd aire is mothachaidh a thaobh rogha-beatha is fèineachd.
  6. Tha sinn ag iarraidh ar diofraichean a thuigsinn agus a cheilearadh – agus ar co-dhaonnachd – rudan a tha air Ghàidhealtachd mar tha – agus ullachadh airson barrachd iomadachd san tìde ri teachd.
  7. Cruthaichidh sinn ionadan do dhaoine gus coinneachadh ri diofraichean.
  8. Aithnichidh sinn gun toir pròiseas an atharrachaidh tìde agus gu bheil seo mar rud a ghluaiseas air adhart gu mall uaireannan.
  9. Cuiridh sinn fàilte ri cainnt is còmhradh a dh’fhosglas na ghabhas dèanamh …

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Manifesto 18

  1. Life should be the subject of the economy.
  2. We believe that human beings have inherent value outwith their capacity to produce.
  3. We believe that society being rich should not be measured monetarily but in the creative diversity of people’s contributions.
  4. We believe that centres of power need to acknowledge that humans require more than their basic physiological needs to thrive and act on it. Those include a community, emotional wellbeing, creativity and a social support network.
  5. We believe that centralised power has a responsibility to prioritise the wellbeing of their citizens above everything else. Kindness and compassion should be the foundation of all societal structures.
  6. We believe that change can happen from the places where life is lived. This can include kitchens and living rooms and other everyday places of connectivity.
  7. We believe that change comes from living the lives we want and building outwards.
  8. We believe that change comes from real people talking to and caring for each other.
  9. We believe that there needs to be a radical re-examination of the concept of work that is more inclusive of the infinite number of activities that have value that humans can engage in.
  10. Using this more inclusive concept of work, we believe that work can be joyful, work can be playful, work can be creative, emotional contributions are work and must have rest as a counterpoint. 
  11. All people, especially women, should not have to buy themselves time in order to have a joyful existence.
  12. We believe that the pursuit of joy and creativity through play are absolutely essential to every human’s actualisation and that any economy should facilitate and allow opportunity for that pursuit.
  13. We believe that rest is essential. 

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Manifesto 16

  1. Another world is possible. One which is anti-racist, protects the environment, believes in tolerance, where all sentient beings matter, which nurtures creativity and gives us the tools to build our futures.
  2. We deserve a world in which there is a level playing field for all. Kindness and compassion has to be at the heart of any movement that seeks fairness and justice in society.
  3. We demand an education that acknowledges and celebrates all. An education that teaches the horrors of Britain’s colonial past, that celebrates the everyday folk who contribute to bringing about positive change – as well as the commonwealth citizens and early migrants who helped rebuild Britain after a war that crippled this country.
  4. We demand a system which sees grassroots activity as facilitating real social change.
  5. Diversity should be meaningful and helpful – especially for those who are in the minorities. Our politics, our media and our society should be representative of all individuals so that none are sidelined or silenced.
  6. Divisive language which is used to discriminate or diminish a person’s worth should be removed from places of work, governance and society.
  7. We should address equity with positive action when we demand equality!
  8. Our judicial system should be built on systems of equity and fairness – not one that privileges the powerful and rich.
  9. There is no denying that racism exists! We have to challenge it at every turn! Zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in all its forms!

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Manifesto 16 Urdu

مینی فیسٹو  16             

  1.   ایک نئی دنیا کی تعمیر ممکن ہے ۔ایک ایسی دنیا جو رنگ و نسل کے تعصبات سے آزاد ہو۔ جہاں قدرتی ماحول کا تحفظ کیا جائے ۔ جہاں تحمل اور بردباری ہو۔ جہاں ہر ذی روح کو عزت و تکریم حاصل ہو۔ ایک ایسی دنیا جہاں سب کی تخلیقی صلاحیتیں پروان چڑھیں اور جو ہمیں اپنے مستقبل کو تعمیر کرنے کا ہنر سکھائے۔ 
  2. ہمارا حق ہے کہ ہم ایک ایسے معاشرہ میں رہیں جو انصاف کے اصولوں پر قائم ہو. ہر وہ تحریک جو معاشرہ میں انصاف اور برابری کے اصولوں کو قائم کرنے کی خواہاں ہے، اسے رحم دلی اور ہمدردی کے جذبات کو اپنانا ہوگا۔   
  3. ہمارا مطالبہ ہے کہ ہمارا تعلیمی نظام تمام انسانوں کو برابری اور عزت کا مقام دے۔ ایسا تعلیمی نظام جو برطانیہ کے نوآبادیاتی نظام کی تباہ کاریوں کے بارے میں پڑھائے۔ہم ایسی تعلیم چاہتے ہیں جو عام آدمی کے کردار کو سراہے جو معاشرہ میں مثبت تبدیلی لانے کے لیے اپنا کردار ادا کر رہا ہے۔ ہمیں دولت مشترکہ سے آئے ہوئے شہریوں اور دوسرے مہاجرین کے کردار کو سراہنا ہوگا  جنہوں نے دوسری عالمی جنگ میں تباہ شدہ برطانیہ کی تعمیر نو میں اپنا حصہ ڈالا۔                      
  4. ہم ایک ایسے نظام کا مطالبہ کرتے ہیں جو معاشرہ میں جاری بنیادی سطح پر ہونے والے کاموں کو بھی حقیقی سماجی تبدیلی لانے میں کارگر سمجھے۔ 
  5. معاشرہ میں تنوع نہ صرف بامعنی ہونا چاہیے بلکہ مددگار بھی، خصوصا اقلیتوں کے لئے۔ ہماری سیاست ، ہمارے ذرائع ابلاغ اور ہمارے سماج کو ہر طبقہ کی نمائندگی کرنی چاہیے تاکہ کوئی بھی طبقہ خود کو سماج سے کٹا ہوا یا دوسروں سے دبا ہوا محسوس نہ کرے۔ 
  6. ایسی زبان یا الفاظ جو لوگوں میں تقسیم پیدا کریں، جانبداری کا مظاہرہ کریں یا ان کی تحقیر کا باعث بنیں، ایسی زبان کو کاروبار زندگی، سیاست اور معاشرت سے ختم کیا جانا چاہئے۔  
  7. اگر ہم اپنے معاشرہ میں برابری کے نظام کو نافذ کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو ہمیں انصاف کے اصولوں پر عمل پیرا ہونا پڑے گا.       
  8. ہمارا عدالتی نظام، انصاف اور غیرجانبداری کی بنیادوں پر استوار ہونا چاہیے، نہ کہ ایسا نظام جو طاقتوروں اور دولتمندوں کا سہولت کار ہو۔ 
  9. ہمیں اس سے انکار نہیں کہ نسلی تعصب ہمارے سماج میں موجود ہے .اس لیے ہمیں اس تعصب کا مقابلہ کرنا ہے. نسلی تعصب اور جانبداری کی روایات سے کوئی سمجھوتہ نہیں کیا جائے گا. ہم ان کا ڈٹ کر مقابلہ کریں گے. 

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Manifesto 16 Arabic

مانيفستو ١٦

  1. من الممكن وجود عالم آخر. ضد العنصرية، يحمي البيئة، يؤمن بالتسامح، حيث لكل الكائنات اهمية، الأمر الذي يغذي الأبداع ويعطينا الأدوات لبناء مستقبلنا.
  2. إننا نستحق عالما تتوفر فيه فرص متكافئة للجميع. ويجب أن يكون اللطف والتعاطف في قلب أي حركة تسعى الى الإنصاف والعدالة في المجتمع.
  3. نحن نطالب بتعليم يعترف بالجميع ويحتفل بهم.تعليم يعلمنا أهوال الماضي الأستعماري البريطاني، ويحتفل بالناس العاديين الذين ساهموا في إحداث التغيير الإيجابي – فضلاً عن مواطني الكومنولث والمهاجرين الأوائل الذين ساعدوا في إعادة بناء بريطانيا بعد حرب شلت هذا البلد.
  4. نطالب بنظام ينظر الى النشاط الشعبي باعتباره وسيلة لتيسير التغيير الأجتماعي الحقيقي.
  5. وينبغي ان يكون التنوع مفيدا و ذو معنى هادف – لا سيما لأولئك الذين ينتمون الى الأقليات. وينبغي أن تكون سياستنا ووسائط إعلامنا ومجتمعنا ممثلة لجميع الأفراد حتى لا يتم تهميش أي منهم أو إسكاته.
  6. وينبغي إبعاد اللغة المثيرة للشقاق التي تستخدم للتمييز أو الحط من قيمة الشخص عن أماكن العمل والحكم والمجتمع.
  7. وينبغي أن نعالج الإنصاف باتخاذ إجراءات إيجابية عندما نطالب بالمساواة!
  8. إن نظامنا القضائي ينبغي أن يبنى على نظم العدالة والإنصاف – وليس على النظم التي تفضل الأقوياء والأغنياء.
  9. لا يمكن إنكار أن العنصرية موجودة! علينا أن نتحداه بكل أشكاله! عدم التسامح مطلقاً مع العنصرية والتمييزبجميع أشكالهما

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