MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS is a participatory public art work in which groups of people connect across distances and differences to collectively create a Manifesto for a world they want to be living in

Manifestos from times of crisis


The project ran through the multiple lockdowns of the COVID pandemic. The Manifestos remain as testimonies of those times. If you want to discuss the project or facilitation of a manifesto making event

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Manifesto 17


  1. We must create a community that is inclusive and kind.
  2. We require that everyone cares for the planet in an environmentally friendly way for future generations to enjoy.
  3. We must be responsible consumers.
  4. Animals and plants deserve care just as humans do.

Children from St Albert’s Community Pollokshields
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Manifesto 16


  1. Another world is possible. One which is anti-racist, protects the environment, believes in tolerance, where all sentient beings matter, which nurtures creativity and gives us the tools to build our futures.
  2. We deserve a world in which there is a level playing field for all. Kindness and compassion has to be at the heart of any movement that seeks fairness and justice in society.

The Community Architects of Pollokshields and Govanhill
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Manifesto 1


  1. A world that respects human and animal and planetary sovereignty that isn’t ruled by the scared terrified pursuit of a thing that we’ve made up – money.
  2. Establish free, high quality, culturally safe and appropriate healthcare for all people globally.
  3. Introduce a liveable, constant, universal basic income for all peoples of adult age which is to be used at the discretion of the recipient.

Audience at GIFT 2020
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