Manifesto 7

  1. We demand that all humans, all species should be valued and provided nurturing in order that they can thrive, including access to safe and green spaces, clean air and water.
  2. We demand a society that does not pit the welfare of individual humans and the welfare of planetary ecosystems against each other and require a shift from a scarcity model to one of reciprocity.
  3. We demand prioritisation of the wellbeing and sustainability of workers and communities. This requires an end to narratives of constant growth and a re-evaluation of what our goals as individuals and societies can be.
  4. We demand global truth and reconciliation councils and opportunities to educate ourselves in order to repair our history of extractivism of people and planet.
  5. We demand a world where creative led and community focused initiatives are the drivers for change.
  6. We demand investment in safe green travel solutions.
  7. We demand investment in education which highlights the need to live within the planetary boundaries.
  8. We acknowledge neither borders between nations nor between species.