Manifesto 5

  1. No-one should experience discrimination in access to health-care services.
  2. Radical new solutions like housing the homeless community should be maintained.
  3. A new economic model should be explored – write off personal debts, introduce universal basic income, fairer taxation.
  4. We will make space in our lives to do meaningful things and create positive impact.
  5. We will have the freedom to be creative.
  6. We will demand a better and fairer society.
  7. We will listen to each other. We will stay open and learning.
  8. We will make connection happen in the face of adversity. We will stay connected to our communities both local and global.
  9. We will live a simpler life. We will challenge our own sense of busy. We will slow down for ourselves and others.
  10. We won’t return to ‘normal’. We will do better.