Manifesto 34

  1. We demand fuller support, care and understanding of people who have experienced trauma, stress, addiction and medical emergencies. People must receive urgent access to resources and support.
  2. People with lived experience of homelessness must lead Shelter Scotland’s policies and decision-making processes. They must be part of the co-production and co-design of services.
  3. We demand greater positive and informed media attention on the causes of, and the reality of, homelessness – as well as greater visibility of homeless charities. 
  4. We believe that there should be easily accessible information relating to benefits, rent arrears, household bills and other useful information. This should be available in print in public buildings, face-to-face and online.
  5. There should be appropriate supervised support available in places like libraries and local council facilities.
  6. We believe that mobile phones with free phone numbers to support services should be available for the homeless community, to enable them to gain access to benefits and services.
  7. We demand an end to prejudice against people who experience housing insecurity.