Manifesto 30

  1. We believe there isn’t a hierarchy of species, that all life – people, animals, plants and fungi – are interconnected and in relations of dependency with each other.
  2. We reject capitalist, patriarchal, colonial systems that make us powerless.
  3. We believe it’s a collective responsibility to solve climate change.
  4. We know that sharing is more productive than greed.
  5. We believe that people and nature should be prioritised over profit.
  6. Everyone should consider themselves part of the community and part of the ecosystem.
  7. We demand access to education for all, especially women.
  8. We demand justice for those disproportionately affected by climate change and that those who are disproportionately responsible are held accountable and commit to change.
  9. We demand equal access to green space and tools for growing plants and creating habitats.
  10. Everyone should have access to knowledge to be able to make choices regarding environmentally friendly products.
  11. We demand that retailers are transparent about the environmental impact through the supply chain of their products.
  12. We want an economy that values going slowly, sharing, reusing.