Manifesto 27

  1. To create an inclusive and safe space without pressure for everyone and anyone, somewhere everyone can come together and not be judged. Art for the sake of art.
  2. We want to create a space in which social issues like racism, gay rights and climate change can be openly discussed to educate ourselves and others through creativity. 
  3. Art can be used to familiarise people towards issues and to generate social change.
  4. There should be more opportunity in school for all ages when it comes to theatre and art.
  5. We believe art should be valued in itself as well as a viable career option and a means to change.
  6. Art allows us to extend the expression of what is and isn’t usual – and so can change people’s perceptions.
  7. We need somewhere to be able to showcase the art we make, somewhere people can be proud of what they’ve done and find encouragement through feedback and support from others.
  8. We love art because it is a source of enjoyment!