Manifesto 26

Beyond Covid – a Manifesto for Mental Health and Belonging in Scotland

  1. We believe in the strength of community where people are not lost. In which isolation can be voluntary but dislocation is not. 
  2. We want funding for activities which create communities that support everyone. We yearn for a welcoming, diverse culture of community that allows each of us to be as we are.
  3. We all have mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health and can be talked about without stigma. 
  4. Mental, physical and emotional health as well as social circumstance all impact our well-being. These should be considered  and supported holistically.
  5. Mental illness must not be shoved in a corner. Funding must not be reduced or reused under mental well-being.
  6. People who have mental ill health incidents should be supported not criminalised.
  7. Everyone’s contribution should be valued. Everyone’s contribution should be heard and acknowledged. We need a new set of tools and systems to enable voices to be heard and to have influence.
  8. Valuing should be reflected in a more equal distribution of wealth ensuring everyone can fully participate in society.  Everyone should have good housing, healthcare, education and social networks.
  9. We resist the negative words that are associated with mental illness. We remember that JOY is out there still. 
  10. Let’s cherish creativity and kindness towards self and others. Creativity is what allows us to express ourselves when we don’t have words or don’t have language.
  11. As we come  out of Covid we’d like to talk – in safe spaces. We demand safe spaces for people to be honest about how they have and haven’t coped with issues that affect them.
  12. We believe in the radical act of stopping and sitting with it. Take time to be still!