Manifesto 24

  1. We value sharing human experiences through creative exchange.
  2. We want art to be framed in a broader way: an appreciation that the creative imagination can transform people and society.
  3. We value creative processes that are open to all, based on authentic relationships, processes that are not compromised by a quick-fix approach.
  4. We value art that supports collaborative and creative processes.
  5. We believe that all forms of art should be available and accessible to all regardless of their situation or location.
  6. We value a culture that supports the integrity of the individual artist and embraces a diversity of personal circumstances.
  7. We believe that art should be funded on the basis of the quality of the process as a key part of the outcome.
  8. We believe in embracing risk and making mistakes as a core ingredient of the creative and learning process.
  9. We believe art can be a vehicle to drive relationships, bring people together and generate communities.
  10. We value SLOWNESS.