Manifesto 22

  1. We completely accept and include everyone no matter their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, age, identity, ability, neurodiversity and will embrace and support them for who they are. We will work together to ensure all are treated with respect. We demand greater positive change towards equality.
  2. We believe that in a fair society there should be no poverty and demand change. 
  3. We believe the natural and physical environment should always be considered in every aspect of decision making. This includes people, buildings, surroundings. We take responsibility for ourselves individually and for the collective need. Collective solutions that address over population are needed.
  4. We promote community and our chosen families and values.
  5. We believe there should be access to creatives spaces. We value the arts for community and individual well-being. Arts is a medium to generate and/or initiate change and as a voice to highlight the need.
  6. We believe that Social Media can add excess pressure to its users including bullying and mental health issues. To combat this we think that these pressures should be more acknowledged and transparent to others. Influencers are not always a positive thing. Social media platforms should have robust ethical policies and be held accountable. Social media should be secure for everyone.
  7. We value the planet and all that it gives us. We need to work to restore the damage that has been done to the planet. We believe that education for all is key to ensuring the change that is needed.
  8. We believe we have no right to aim to live on another planet until the Earth is restored.
  9. We believe everyone should reflect on the part they have played in making our world the way it is and we should now all, as a community, work on making it better.
  10. We believe that the time for talking is done, it is now time for action. We want to move away from hierarchical structures. We suggest that intergenerational (younger children to older people) and diverse voice committees should be formed within the community to forward on thoughts and beliefs to decision makers.
  11. You don’t  know what’s around the corner. Be kind!