Manifesto 21

Ubuntu / Daonnachd / Humanity
towards an inclusive manifesto for the Highlands & Islands

  1. We value and embrace the Highlands – its culture, heritage and traditions. We respect this landscape and environment. We listen and learn the tales of the Highlands.
  2. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard. We are open to listening and empathising.
  3. We commit to developing a culture of inclusion in the Highlands – at a personal and institutional level.
  4. We commit to being advocates for positive change; to use our power to challenge things that are oppressive; to influence complex intersectional issues around identity and intolerance.
  5. We want to nurture an environment where we encourage more awareness and visibility of different life choices and identities.
  6. We want to understand and celebrate our differences – and our common humanity – that is here in the Highlands already – and to prepare for increasing future diversity. 
  7. We will create spaces for people to encounter difference.
  8. We recognise that processes of change take time and are fluid.
  9. We invite conversations that open up possibilities …
25 Mar 2021
Highland artists