Manifesto 2

We are an arbitrary group of people who offer a form of consensus around what humanity may be able to do on local and global levels in response to the current crisis.

  1. We believe this is a moment to reflect on our individual and collective responsibilities and change our relationship to each other and the society.
  2. We believe that there should be more resources to support people’s mental and physical health.
  3. From this radical shared experience – the virus – we want to grow sensitive to other, less visible, shared experiences – to encourage those who are comfortable to empathise with those who are harmed.
  4. We believe that there is an urgent need to enact our humanity by generating shared, equal, nonjudgmental spaces of social, cultural, and political exchange.
  5. We believe we must foster safety for all, via acceptance, access.
  6. We believe we must expand our periphery, seeing limits as opportunities, and acknowledging our existing privileges in doing so.
  7. If we take the term “apocalypse” at its root definition as an “unveiling” or a “revealing of what could not be seen before”, rather than just ignoring what has been revealed, we must not only acknowledge it, but act, and make something new.
  8. We believe that this current crisis offers an opportunity to raise awareness of global interconnectivity, and to negotiate new ways to live in relation to one another and to the environment.