Manifesto 19

  1. It’s a really tough moment right now. We need to look after each other’s mental health. We will look for ways to support each other.
  2. Male mental health should be discussed more openly.
  3. Covid has made some people greedy – exploiting others in times of hardship. We believe that everyone, including businesses, have a duty to take care of each other in these times.
  4. We see that food businesses are doing very well in the pandemic due to the support that they have received from local communities. We really appreciate businesses who have shown support to the community in the pandemic and would like thriving businesses to offer concrete support to the vulnerable in the community.
  5. Government should work with energy companies and data providers to agree a scheme of low budget tariffs – a discounted tariff because everyone is at home and having to spend more on energy.
  6. Government should increase budgets for local councils. This can be used for creating jobs and improving the local environment.
  7. Rents should be frozen throughout the pandemic.
  8. If companies want their employees to work from home the company should contribute to their expenses for this.