Manifesto 17

  1. We must create a community that is inclusive and kind.
  2. We require that everyone cares for the planet in an environmentally friendly way for future generations to enjoy.
  3. We must be responsible consumers.
  4. Animals and plants deserve care just as humans do.
  5. We will look after ourselves, so that we have the energy to support other people. 
  6. We must support and listen to others. We must help others. People deserve a second chance.
  7. We demand equality across gender, religion, age, race. Everyone is unique and is entitled to be treated equally.
  8. We must be committed to causes we believe in and bring our enthusiasm to every task we do.
  9. We are strong, intelligent, confident, independent, responsible and GREAT! 
  10. Resilience is our middle name. We are empowered to make a difference.