Manifesto 15

  1. People must stop littering.
  2. People need to reduce emissions any way we can.
  3. Make sure there’s peace and love all over the Earth.
  4. We believe there should be more awareness and action against environmental racism.
  5. Cars and public transport should be more eco-friendly.
  6. The world should be fair and everyone should have what they need. If you worked very hard you could get something that was important to you like a favourite pet.
  7. It should be easier for less fortunate people to live.
  8. Everyone deserves a Universal Basic Income.
  9. Everyone should have free healthcare. If they get sick, everyone should be able to go to someone where they could get better.
  10. There should be human rights everywhere.
  11. We want LGBTI+ and gender non-conforming people to be accepted as normal people, and that they would face no discrimination because of their sexuality or gender.
  12. We believe that all genders should be treated as equals.
  13. We want Covid to disappear.