Manifesto 13

  1. We believe that everyone should be treated the same way without preferential treatment – especially in the workplace.
  2. We believe in zero tolerance to racial or other discrimination in workplaces and any public environment.
  3. We demand that there be safe spaces for children – and for all people – to be heard and not judged.
  4. Schools should have committees set up made up of teachers, parents and students to tackle bullying.
  5. Everybody should have the right to flexible working hours.
  6. Wider society should value the arts more as a vital form of communication.
  7. We demand more investment in local community centres – because they foster community and will make people feel more welcome.
  8. We personally will make sure to welcome all people.
  9. We need to appreciate that art and culture are essential parts of community forming and that they forge inter-personal bonds.
  10. Work opportunities should be available for young people and adults regardless of their qualifications.