Manifesto 12

  1. We demand that our basic Rights be enshrined in law – enforceable and accountable.
  2. The government should be in service to the people.
  3. We demand protection for all.
  4. We won’t be kind/polite just because you tell us to.
  5. We will  aim to be more compassionate.
  6. We will not allow people to be disposed of.
  7. We must reassess global food production and local consumption.
  8. We believe that when all people’s rights are met society reaps the benefit.
  9. The only thing we will sanitize is our hands – not our minds – not our opinions.
  10. No one will ever take away our hope.
  11. We fight for the right to party.
  12. Living breathing life MUST NOT be used as a pawn in a game of power.
  13. Everybody counts.
  14. We will not let you deport people who are homeless.
  15. We will not be divided.