Manifesto 16

  1. Another world is possible. One which is anti-racist, protects the environment, believes in tolerance, where all sentient beings matter, which nurtures creativity and gives us the tools to build our futures.
  2. We deserve a world in which there is a level playing field for all. Kindness and compassion has to be at the heart of any movement that seeks fairness and justice in society.
  3. We demand an education that acknowledges and celebrates all. An education that teaches the horrors of Britain’s colonial past, that celebrates the everyday folk who contribute to bringing about positive change – as well as the commonwealth citizens and early migrants who helped rebuild Britain after a war that crippled this country.
  4. We demand a system which sees grassroots activity as facilitating real social change.
  5. Diversity should be meaningful and helpful – especially for those who are in the minorities. Our politics, our media and our society should be representative of all individuals so that none are sidelined or silenced.
  6. Divisive language which is used to discriminate or diminish a person’s worth should be removed from places of work, governance and society.
  7. We should address equity with positive action when we demand equality!
  8. Our judicial system should be built on systems of equity and fairness – not one that privileges the powerful and rich.
  9. There is no denying that racism exists! We have to challenge it at every turn! Zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in all its forms!

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