Manifesto 18

  1. Life should be the subject of the economy.
  2. We believe that human beings have inherent value outwith their capacity to produce.
  3. We believe that society being rich should not be measured monetarily but in the creative diversity of people’s contributions.
  4. We believe that centres of power need to acknowledge that humans require more than their basic physiological needs to thrive and act on it. Those include a community, emotional wellbeing, creativity and a social support network.
  5. We believe that centralised power has a responsibility to prioritise the wellbeing of their citizens above everything else. Kindness and compassion should be the foundation of all societal structures.
  6. We believe that change can happen from the places where life is lived. This can include kitchens and living rooms and other everyday places of connectivity.
  7. We believe that change comes from living the lives we want and building outwards.
  8. We believe that change comes from real people talking to and caring for each other.
  9. We believe that there needs to be a radical re-examination of the concept of work that is more inclusive of the infinite number of activities that have value that humans can engage in.
  10. Using this more inclusive concept of work, we believe that work can be joyful, work can be playful, work can be creative, emotional contributions are work and must have rest as a counterpoint. 
  11. All people, especially women, should not have to buy themselves time in order to have a joyful existence.
  12. We believe that the pursuit of joy and creativity through play are absolutely essential to every human’s actualisation and that any economy should facilitate and allow opportunity for that pursuit.
  13. We believe that rest is essential. 

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